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Hans Dieter Schmitter

Managing Director and shareholder in SBL Immobilien Bauträger GmbH. Hans Dieter Schmitter has constructed more than 15 supermarkets, community centers etc. as a builder in the past 20 years in the new states of Germany. Shareholder of various builder and development companies.
Phone +492202-58788
Mobile +49-172-2402024
Fax +49-22 02-95 19 58

Dr. Jürgen Lüders

Shareholder in SBL Immobilien Bauträger GmbH. Responsible for financing and legal aspects.
Phone +49-2202-58788
Mobile +49-171-5639362
Fax +49-2202-951958

Ingo Schmitter

Managing partner of the company Ovewa Objektverwaltung GmbH, expert in property management + Marketing.
Education at the European real estate academy.
Experienced designer and developer of real estate projects.
Phone +49-2202-58788
Mobil +49-173.5338715
Fax +49-2202-951958